Brain Networks (BraiNets)

From Neural Computations to Cognition


BraiNets is a research team of the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (Marseille, France) in computational neuroscience working at the interface between system and cognitive neuroscience, network neuroscience, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our vision is that computational neuroscience will lead to ground-breaking applications by formalising how brain functions emerge from the interaction between neural populations and brain networks. The BraiNets team exploits most advanced theoretical approaches and computational tools from artificial intelligence and statistics to study how brain interactions support neural computations underlying cognitive functions.

Research axes

The main research axes of BraiNets are:

  • Brain networks and human learning (A Brovelli)

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for computational neuroscience (E Daucé)

  • Whole-brain anatomo-functional modelling of healthy and pathological brain networks (M Gilson)

  • Brain networks for auditory perception (B Giordano)